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Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

This stained glass panel was bought at an architectural salvage shop by a customer who needed it re-sized to fit a new window. The panel was in bad shape with the original lead corroded, bent and loose.

The lead was removed and replaced with new lead. All the original glass was carefully cleaned,cut and re-used. This stained glass window is now installed and restored to it's original glory.

Three pieces of the original stained glass were missing.The panel was bowed, bent and the glass became loose in some areas.  We were able to replace three missing pieces with similar color and textured glass.

All of the lead was replaced. Dirt, paint and oxidation built up darkened the glass muting the light transmitted. Once the glass was thoroughly cleaned and re-assembled, the lifeless panel became again the vivid bright window it once was.

   Stained Glass Restoration is often more costly than making a new window. The process takes longer and great care must be practiced at all times, since every step of the process involves the risk of damaging the glass. The decision to restore must be weighed depending on the significance of the window.

   Many times missing or broken glass cannot be replaced due to discontinuation of the production of various glass types and colors. This makes it almost impossible to replace with the original glass. In such cases, we attempt to find alternative glass, which will retain the integrity of the window.

   Complete restoration is expensive and involves several steps. A rubbing (the transfer of the design onto a paper template) of the window must be made.The window must be completely taken apart piece by piece before it is rebuilt. First it must be removed from the structure in which it is set. The glass must be removed carefully from the cames. The cement is many times too hard and must be soaked in a mineral solution to soften. The glass must then be thoroughly cleaned before it is re-used. This process takes time, since the old cement adheres to the glass and must be carefully scraped off. All the pieces must then be carefully re-leaded and broken or missing pieces replaced.

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